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Vocab Toss Toy Companion for Pom Moms & Paper Cups (Articulation)

Vocab Toss Toy Companion for Pom Moms & Paper Cups (Articulation)

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This activity was designed to be a simple, no-prep activity to target articulation in an engaging way. This version includes the following skills: categories (name the category, name 3 items in a category, which one doesn't belong), compare/contrast, wh-questions, guess the word, associations, antonyms, synonyms, regular/irregular past tense verbs, regular/irregular plurals, fix the sentence (absurdities and subject-verb agreement), multiple meaning words, and idioms.  I also included blank open-ended pages. 

(Need language targets? Scroll down and see the articulation and language Speech Toss bundle listing). 

Materials Needed: Artic Toss mats, 3oz cups, pom poms (I use the 3/4 inch size, the bigger pom poms will knock over the cups,  smaller ones are preferred). 

Optional: play dough, bingo chips, bingo daubers, crayons

Color and Black and White Versions included! 

I bought the cups and pom poms on Amazon. The 3oz cups can be found at most grocery stores (I prefer Dixie Brand) and pom poms can be found in a craft store or department. 

To use: Set the desired Vocab Toss Mat across from the student and give them 10 pom poms. I do this activity on the floor to allow more tossing space. Line up the cups over the circles on the mat.  I do this game in rounds, but you could also do it one at a time (toss and then practice). The student will toss ten pom poms at the mat and try to land them in the cups.  At the end of the round, the student will practice the language skill under the cups that the pom poms landed in. For the next round, take those cups off of the mat and toss again. Continue until all of the cups are gone and all of the circles have been practiced. I suggest doing a couple practice tosses to gauge the distance needed for the mat.


  • If you don’t have cups, you could still have students toss pom poms and try to land on the circles. 
  • Play dough mats:. The student will squish play dough over each circle after they practice the target word. 
  • Bingo chips: The students will place a bingo chip over each circle as they practice the target word. 
  • Bingo Daubers/crayons: Use the black and white mat to dot or color each picture after they student practices it. 

Homework tag: I send mats, cups, and pom poms home for homework. Cut the tag out (with game instructions) and staple it on a gallon size bag. Place the mat, cups, and pom poms in the bag to send home. 

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