Collection: Digital Books and eBooks

Perfect for virtual therapists or teachers. This is also a great option if you want to use the books on an iPad, computer, or Smart Board (or other digital format).  These books are not physical books OR printable books. They are to be used in a digital format only. 

My Digital Books come in two formats:  Boom Cards and eBooks

eBooks: These are a digital book (not a printable PDF version). They could be a PDF or EPUB format. Please note: Do not contact me about printing these books. They are DIGITAL ONLY. 

Click here to see my Zoo Truck Mix Up eBook on Amazon

Click here to see my 100 Laughs for Learners eBook on Amazon

BOOM Card Books. These are NOT a printable resources, they are designed to use in the Boom Card Program ONLY. To use Boom Cards, you must open at least a FREE Boom Learning account. Learn more about BOOM Cards on their website ( These digital book were not designed for a student to use alone (no audio). It was designed to be used with an adult guiding the reading and interaction. You will need: A computer, laptop, tablet, or Chromebook. An internet browser that is less than 3 years old (OR the free BOOM app). Please review all information about BOOM Cards on each listing. You will receive detailed info on how to redeem your BOOM Book.