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Let it Snow! Articulation and Language! Speech Therapy Cotton Ball craft (Sheep)

Let it Snow! Articulation and Language! Speech Therapy Cotton Ball craft (Sheep)

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This activity was designed to be a no prep activity to target articulation and language skills in an engaging way. It is an activity that keeps students busy during practice! Make a snowstorm with cotton balls while practicing speech therapy objectives! 

This product is available in a cotton ball craft bundle: Scroll down to the bottom right on this page to see it. 

This download contains following sounds: initial/final: p, b, m; final: n, t, d; initial/medial/final: k, g, f, v, l, s, z, ch, j, th, sh; pre-vocalic r; vocalic r (er, ar, or, air, ear, ire); rblends; lblends; sblends (separate mats for sp, st, sm, sn, sk, sl, sw, mixed). I also included an open-ended page. Language targets included: categories, association, object functions, compare/contrast, winter vocabulary, actions, positional vocabulary, plurals, idioms, multiple meaning words, adjectives, and antonyms/synonyms. I also included open-ended pages. First practice, then make a snow storm.

 *Please note on the articulation pages: There are 14 target words on each page (2 of each, totaling 28 words).

 Materials Needed: Small cotton balls, glue, and a Baaa! Artic and Language sheet (use the small, light cotton balls: the cheaper the better!)

 Assembly: None! Print & go! 95 pages!

Tips: If you can, print on card stock to make it less flimsy (I use paper when I am using it with all of my groups). Tear apart the small cotton balls to make it less heavy (this can also keep hands busy in between turns).

To use:

Articulation pages: The student will practice the target word and then glue a cotton ball over it. Continue until the snow storm is complete (therapist will determine the number of trials per word). The word/picture list on the bottom is to encourage caregivers to practice the words at home.

Language Pages: These pages are more open-ended, the targets to practice are on the bottom of the page. Use at your discretion. The student can practice a skill then put on 2-3 cotton balls until the snow storm is complete.

In between turns the students can color the clouds!


  • Use bingo chips to cover up the pictures as a drill mat
  • Use torn up tissue paper to create the snowstorm
  • Use paint, crayons, or markers

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