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Fluency Blocks ~ Speech Therapy Game Companion

Fluency Blocks ~ Speech Therapy Game Companion

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Grab your wooden unstacking blocks game and these mats for a FUN and EFFECTIVE speech therapy session with this game companion! I love playing stacking blocks in therapy but my students often got frustrated with how easy it is to knock over (and some of my students would knock it over or bump the table on purpose). I wanted to figure out a way to play this game without as much frustration

This is how Fluency Blocks was born! Includes a blank fill-able (type-able) mat to create your own! Includes a Google Slides version with moveable pieces, great for distance learning, teletherapy, or a no print option. I also added Mini Language blocks to use with mini tumbling tower sets (I get mine on Amazon, links below).

Mats included for the following strategies: Full and easy breath, light contact, stretching easy starts, slow rate/pacing, pausing/phrasing, and carry over. 

This product also comes with pre-teaching tools such as cards, mini-posters, and visuals. It is important that you pre-teach the strategies before you play the game. Each strategy card gives a kid-friendly description and a practice task. I also provide additional tips for each strategy (other activities to try). ***New--> I added white background versions of the visuals/teaching cards for a lower ink option.

 → Materials: stacking blocks game (wooden stacking blocks such as JengaTM or Tumbling Towers). You will also need to select one of the Fluency Blocks Mats that targets the desired strategy.

 → Game Set up: Stack the blocks up like the traditional game (three blocks together, alternating directions per 3 blocks…like the image above). Pick the Fluency Blocks mat that you need for your students and place it in front of them.

→ Game Play: Start off by telling your students this isn’t the regular stacking block game (where you take blocks off and stack them back on top). Tell them this is an UN-stacking game!

Each player will carefully remove a block out of the tower (they are not allowed to take one of the top blocks until the tower is down to 2 layers or no other blocks can be removed without it tumbling down). Then they get to choose a block on their mat to put it on. The student will practice the word/phrase with the strategy and then place the block over it.

35+ pages

You will get 3 files in this zipped folder: Regular Fluency blocks mats, mini blocks mats (to use with mini tumbling blocks), and Google Slides link. 

☆ This product is available in two money saving BUNDLES (see the bundles by scrolling down on the right side of this listing). Blocks Duo Bundle: Articulation and Language or Blocks Trio Bundle: Articulation, Language, and Fluency

Here are my affiliate links for the games I use with these mats: 

Regular size game:


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