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What's In There? Language ~ Speech Therapy Game Companion

What's In There? Language ~ Speech Therapy Game Companion

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These language mats were designed to accompany the popular game where students pull objects out of a big head! It is a commonly known fact that speech therapists use popular board games to make therapy fun for their students. I looked at all of my games and decided that I needed a way to make playing them more directly therapeutic! This is how all of my game companions were born! I hope you enjoy this latest edition! Don’t forget to check out my other game companions! (games not included with purchase, you must own the game).
LOW PREP Speech Therapy Game Companion 

Language Mats Included
• Categories: There are three types of category mats included: Name items in a Category, Name the Category, & Which One Doesn’t Belong (I have my students tell how the other two items are alike)
• Compare/Contrast: The student is prompted to tell how two items are the same (alike) and how they are different. There are pictures as visual aids on the mats.
• WH-Questions: There are separate mats for what, where, when, who, why, and how questions. There is also a mat for mixed wh-questions. The student is prompted to answer basic, functional wh-questions.
• Vocabulary: These mats give a definition or description and the student has to name the vocabulary word. Please note, I used functional vocabulary words.
• Associations: The student has to fill in the missing word to an association close phrase “a shoe goes with a _____” I take any logical association (answers may vary among students).
• Antonyms: The student is asked to name the antonym of the given word/picture.
• Synonyms: The student is asked to name the synonym of the given word/picture.
• Regular & Irregular Past Tense Verbs: The student is provided with a present progressive phrase (Today he is…) and prompted to say the regular/irregular past tense with a cloze phrase (Yesterday he…)
• Regular/Irregular Plurals: The student is shown the singular picture and then a plural picture and prompted to fill in the close phrase with the regular/irregular plural. (Here is one ___, here are three___).
• Analogies: The student is prompted to fill in the simple analogies (functional vocabulary).
• Fix the Sentence: There are two types of mats: Sentence Absurdities & Subject-Verb Agreement. Read the sentence to the student (or have them read it out loud). Prompt the student to change the sentence so it makes sense (sentence absurdities) or make the subject-verb agree.
• Multiple Meaning Words: Level 1: The student looks at the pictures to help them say the two meanings. Level 2: The student is prompted to name two meanings of the given word (no pictures)
• Idioms: The literal representation is on the block. The student is prompted to tell what the idiom really means.
• Blank mat to write you own targets on!
• BONUS Conversation Starter mats: My favorites, What if..., I Time I felt... and Would you rather.

Assembly: Print and go! You can laminate the boards or place them in page protectors for durability.

How to play
To use: Set up and play the game as directed (objects in the head and cards in a stack). Place a What’s In There mat in front of each student (according to their language target).
• The student will draw a card and place it on the mat in the space labeled “place card here”. They will then roll the die and answer the question or prompt by the number they rolled (under the card).
• The student will then reach inside the head and try to feel for the object on the card. If they find the correct object, they get to keep the card on their mat and keep the object by them (the goal of the game it to find as many items as you can). If they do not find the object on the card, they will put the card at the bottom of the stack and put the object back in the head.
• Suggestion: When I play this with my students, I make them do extra trials if they do not find the right item. I have them roll the die again and practice an additional target for extra practice!
• As they find the objects, continue putting the cards on the mat. After the four card spots are full, they will stack the next card on top of a card already on the mat.
Assembly: Print and go! You can laminate the boards or place them in page protectors for durability.

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