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Earth day Vocabulary No-Print Unit ~ Print & Go

Earth day Vocabulary No-Print Unit ~ Print & Go

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 ♻️ This packet was designed to target common vocabulary associated with Earth Day. It contains the following vocabulary words: air, animals, compost, conserve, Earth, energy, environment, garden, habitat. landfill litter, organic, planet, plant, pollute, recycle, reduce, reuse, save, sun, trash, tree, waste, water

 Perfect for elementary science lessons, ELA/vocabulary lessons, or to incorporate into speech therapy sessions. Can be used by anyone!

 There are a variety of activities to learn the vocabulary and create awareness for conservation. This packet was made for 2nd -5th grade students but can be used with younger/older depending on skill level.

 ***Now includes a BOOM Card version for free with this purchase. Great for distance learning. If you are interested in the digital Boom Card version only, click here (Please note: the BOOM card version has nine activities and doesn't include everything in the print version).

 What's included (all using Earth Day Vocabulary)

★ Vocabulary Word List (great to use as a word bank for writing assignments) ★ Vocabulary Flash Cards (simple definitions and pictures) ★ Non-Fiction Text Story with comprehension questions (3 formats for questions: writing, multiple choice, & verbal) ★ Vocabulary Match: The student will draw a line from the word (with a picture) to its definition ★ Earth Day Synonyms: The student will draw a line from the word to its synonym ★ Earth Day Color by Number Multiple Meaning Words: Reveal a hidden picture while saying two meanings of each word. ★ Earth Day Venn Diagrams: Compare/contrast Earth Day vocabulary (included: recycle vs. compost, habitat vs. environment, and blank) ★ Earth Day Idioms: These are all related to nature in some way! (two formats: verbal and multiple choice) ★ Conservation Match: A cut & paste activity to match a conservation technique to the resource it helps protect (air, water, land). ★ Recycle or Compost? Sort different items into the correct bin (cut & paste). ★ Recyclable Material Search: The student will color only the recyclable materials green! ★ What Can I do to Help Reflection Page: The students will learn about common things they can do to help the Earth, then draw a picture of themselves doing it! ★ Earth Day Word Search: 14 Earth Day Vocabulary Words ★Earth Day Crossword Puzzle: The clues are the definition! Word bank provided ★ Earth Day Bingo (4 different boards to use in groups): The clue cards are definitions ★ Recycle Bingo (4 different boards to use in groups): The clues give a short fact about how each item can be recycled.

***Answer keys included in a separate file in this download!

★ BOOM Cards that cover the same content as the printable pages

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